THURZ x Miguel: Still California Love pt.3 (Video)

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

In the third & final clip 2DBZ & TheWellVersed’s conversation with Miguel & THURZ, the cali artists speak on their 2012 plans & how significant it is to stay grounded as an artist. THURZ reveals the title of his Sophomore album Blood On The Canvas (news that we broke a few weeks ago), while Miguel speaks on his Art Dealer Chic movement & his plans to unite the LA scene.

What I really want to do is create a platform especially for like minded artists from LA — we’re all friends & been to each other’s shows — now is the time that I would like to put all of my energy into making sure there’s a unity between us. You look at places like Atlanta (and how they stuck together) & you can see that there’s a strong bond between artists there. Los Angeles is spread out across a large area & its effortless for us to obtain lost in our own shit. But there are artists who really want to do things & step out together. We all have different perspectives & types of music yet our energy is the same. We’re all humble & really like to create. I just want to, in some way, bring us all together. – Mig

We’ve received one more special clip featuring THURZ, Miguel & a slew of your other favorite artists on the way. But until then, check out part one of this interview here & part two right here.

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