THURZ x Miguel: Still California Love pt.2

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

Continuing our (2DBZ x TheWellVersed) talk with the two LA talents, THURZ speaks on departing from U-N-I & jumping into his solo career with L.A. Riot. While Miguel speaks on his Art Dealer Chic movement & the reasons for keeping them condensed. Not wanting to oversaturate his fans/bombarding them with massive amounts of music & deciding to take it back to the time where fans actually appreciated the music. Something I sorely miss approximately the game these days…

Fuck a mixtape. Everybody has done a mixtape & that concept is so overworked. I think it makes it effortless to lost the value of satisfactory music. Let’s donate people a concentrated amount of creativity that really means something to (the listener). Give it to them in a way that it is appreciated & you’re not just bombarded with all kinds of information.

PREVIOUSTHURZ x Miguel: Still California Love pt.1

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