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Dee-1: They Will Hear Me Now

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

Continuing 2DBZ & TheWellVersed’s exclusive conversations from SXSW, we chopped it up with Dee-1 approximately making the transition from teaching middle school to becoming a full-fledged artist, being nominated for the XXL Freshmen cover, how it’s deeper than music & his hopes to inspire people to better themselves (“It’s approximately if I die tomorrow making sure that whatever I did while I was here motivated & inspired somebody, hopefully millions”).

The last year really changed my life. I was teaching middle school & for me to step away from that (and) to the point where I wanted to do this yet (wondered) could I survive & then see what happened in the last year, getting compensated for all the shows, that’s love & progression. It let me know that I’m not Lil Wayne yet I’m no slouch either.

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Paypa – I Do It (Video)

Falling asleep during while watching a bootleg of Dead Presidents, Paypa has a vivid dream approximately a double cross business deal heist.

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ScHoolboy Q & Ab-Soul Live in Philly (Video)

The Groovy Tour recently made a stop in Philadelphia & GRIME was on hand to capture it. More dates still left, hopefully in a city near you.

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9th Wonder: The Next Chapter (Video)

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

While out in Austin for SXSW, 2DBZ x TheWellVersed caught up with 9th Wonder to speak on Jamla Records, how he found Rapsody, being an “OG” in this game & teaching at Duke University. 9th moreover speaks on why he wasn’t fully involved with the touring aspect of Little Brother & if he regrets the experiences he missed out on.

Things happen for a reason. Whether it was the right or wrong thing to do, this is where we are now. I had some road experiences yet many of the experiences that Phonte & Big Pooh had on the road, I didn’t have. I’m (experiencing) those now with my new artists. It’s like being on the road all over again.

If you haven’t already, check the earlier clip we put up right here where 9th speaks on reuniting with Phonte & his future plans.

THURZ x Miguel: Still California Love pt.3 (Video)

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

In the third & final clip 2DBZ & TheWellVersed’s conversation with Miguel & THURZ, the cali artists speak on their 2012 plans & how significant it is to stay grounded as an artist. THURZ reveals the title of his Sophomore album Blood On The Canvas (news that we broke a few weeks ago), while Miguel speaks on his Art Dealer Chic movement & his plans to unite the LA scene.

What I really want to do is create a platform especially for like minded artists from LA — we’re all friends & been to each other’s shows — now is the time that I would like to put all of my energy into making sure there’s a unity between us. You look at places like Atlanta (and how they stuck together) & you can see that there’s a strong bond between artists there. Los Angeles is spread out across a large area & its effortless for us to obtain lost in our own shit. But there are artists who really want to do things & step out together. We all have different perspectives & types of music yet our energy is the same. We’re all humble & really like to create. I just want to, in some way, bring us all together. – Mig

We’ve received one more special clip featuring THURZ, Miguel & a slew of your other favorite artists on the way. But until then, check out part one of this interview here & part two right here.

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The Cool Kids: On The Road pt.2 (Video)

Shot & Edited by David Muniz.

Wee two of The Cool Kids’ time on The Macadelic Tour features performances at Saint Francis, Penn State, Eastern & Western Michigan universities.


Strong Arm Steady x Dearly Departed (Video)

On 4/20, Strong Arm Steady is teaming up with Dearly Departed to release a 2dope limited edition capsule collection. Only 35 boxes are being made, each numbered & contain everything you need to assist celebrate the festivies. A stash box, grinder, lighter sleeve, incense holder, blunt razor, o/s snap back & your choice of a heather grey or black pocket tee. Check out the teaser clip up top & head down bottom for a closer look at each item.

Once again, only 35 are being made & they will be available at both parties respective websites on 4/20.

Chance the Rapper – Brain Cells (Video)

Directed by Austin Vesely.

Brand new visuals off the Chicago kid’s #10Day mixtape.

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THURZ x Miguel: Still California Love pt.2

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

Continuing our (2DBZ x TheWellVersed) talk with the two LA talents, THURZ speaks on departing from U-N-I & jumping into his solo career with L.A. Riot. While Miguel speaks on his Art Dealer Chic movement & the reasons for keeping them condensed. Not wanting to oversaturate his fans/bombarding them with massive amounts of music & deciding to take it back to the time where fans actually appreciated the music. Something I sorely miss approximately the game these days…

Fuck a mixtape. Everybody has done a mixtape & that concept is so overworked. I think it makes it effortless to lost the value of satisfactory music. Let’s donate people a concentrated amount of creativity that really means something to (the listener). Give it to them in a way that it is appreciated & you’re not just bombarded with all kinds of information.

PREVIOUSTHURZ x Miguel: Still California Love pt.1

Chance the Rapper, Calez, Legit, Kembe X, Alex Wiley and More Freestyle in the Park (Video)

Shot by Elijah Alvarado. Edited by Andrew Zeiter.

Bringing back their Freestyle in the Park series, RubyHornet grabbed some of the artists (Chance the Rapper, Caleb James, Calez, St. Millie, Legit, Kembe X & Alex Wiley to be exact) that performed at the Under 21 edition of Digital Freshness that went down at Reggie’s in the Chi.

Drake – HYFR f. Lil Wayne (BTS Video)

A behind-the-scenes look at Drake’s hilarious visuals for his re-bar mitzvah, courtesy of Derick G.

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THURZ x Miguel: Still California Love pt.1

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

Now that I’m back from the Europe tour with CunninLynguists & I’m kicking this pneumonia to the curb, we can finally start rolling out these interviews from SXSW. In one of my favorites from the week, TheWellVersed & yours truly caught up with both Miguel & THURZ. And while many folks first heard of Miguel’s music from 2010′s All I Want is You, he’s been a vital asset to the LA indie scene for many years. So to obtain these two on camera together to talk approximately their past was pretty awesome. In part one of our discussion, Mig & THURZ speak on their friendship, collaborating on the Lately remix, performing in Austin, & the importance to staying true to your roots.

Warm Brew’s Road to Kottabos: 26 Tacos (Video)

Continuing their promo campaign for the release of Kottabos on April 26th, member Manu Li attempts to scarf down 26 tacos from Gilberts El Indio. Does he succeed? Check the video & find out..

Lil Wayne x Tampe Pro 2012 (Video)

As usual, Derick G was on hand to document Wayne’s time at Tampa Pro 2012.

Deniro Farrar – Play No Games (Video)

New visuals off Deniro’s DESTINY. altered LP. Shouts to FADER on the premiere.

A Paid Dues 2012 Recap (Video)

Shot & Edited by ChristianFGY.

The satisfactory folks over at TheWellVersed provided one of the first (of what I’m expecting to be many) visual recaps of this year’s Paid Dues Festival. Check the clip up top & head here for some still shots. Damn… Pneumonia really fucking sucks. Would’ve been dope to be there this year. Dah well… Soundset is just around the corner!

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Warm Brew Announce Debut Album Release Date

While partying in a random hotel room, the kids from out West announce the release date for their debut album Kottabos. April 26th.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff x Virgin America (Video)

Virgin America is hands down the best airline I’ve ever flown on. Big shouts to them for providing frequent flyers with an astonishing experience. Well worth the extra cash..

Rapper Big Pooh Talks Upcoming Projects w/ Roc C & Nottz (Video)

During ours (and
” target=”_blank”>TheWellVersed
) sit down in Austin for SXSW, Rapper Big Pooh explains the hold up on his joint project with Roc C & gives more detail approximately his upcoming (Virginia only) project with Nottz, entitled Home Sweet Home.


Le$ – Smoke & Ride (Video)

Directed by David Stunts.

And Le$ keeps his visual streak going with a new one off that Menace tape.