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Mac Miller ft Prodigy – Confessions Of A Cash Register


Mac Miller gets a verse from Prodigy for his new song “Confessions of a Cash Register”. Produced by The Alchemist & Mac Miller.

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Mac Miller ft Prodigy – Confessions Of A Cash Register

Mac Miller Talks Donald Trump, Danny Brown, The Love/Hate Theory & More (Video)

The Well Versed and The DopeHouse sat down with the Rostrum Records emcee to speak on the “white rapper” syndrome, meeting Danny Brown, Donald Trump kinda-sorta fucking up a lot of shit for him and more.

Miller was well aware of Brown’s words but didn’t necessarily hold a grudge. Instead, he figured that Brown just needed to familiarize himself with his music and he would eventually come around. He was right.

“Danny actually reached out, we chopped it up and he apologized,” the 20-year-old reveals. “Initially people just see me and shape it (however they want) but then they realize it’s just music.”

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Video: Pac Div Ft Mac Miller – Black Acura


Pac Div and Mac Miller hit us with the visuals to their slow but intense track “Black Acura”. Directed by Austin Winchell. Off their album GMB. Out now. Premiered by Rolling Stone.

Check out the video after the jump.

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Video: Pac Div Ft Mac Miller – Black Acura

The Come Up – Strip Show f. Mac Miller (Video)

With a song title and still shot like that, it’s pretty easy to see what this clip will be about. The Come Up’s Change Of Plans dropped today; head here to grab it.

Pac Div – Black Acura f. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino (Video)

Pac Div has finally dropped their new album, GMB, today (you can grab it on iTunes), and to celebrate they let loose the visuals of their collboration with Mac and Raven.

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Mac Miller Confirms ’92 Til Infinity Mixtape w/ DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Back in March of 2011, Mac Miller revealed to TWV that he and DJ Jazzy Jeff were joining forces for a collaborative project. And while nothing has surfaced since, Mac shared with TheWellVersed and 2DopeBoyz that it’s still happening and it’s looking at an early 2013 release.

Miller explained that the concept for the upcoming ’92 Til Infinity where Mac Miller will rhyme over beats produced by some of hip-hop’s greatest producers from the 90’s is still intact, although he wouldn’t reveal exactly who will be involved. He just wants everyone to know that it will be a project that will introduce many of his younger fans to some of his favorite producers. Although that has always been his plan, it didn’t quite work out the way he expected when he rhymed over Lord Finesse’s “Hip 2 Da Game” on “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” back in 2010 and was subsequently slapped with a $10 million lawsuit. So, instead of rapping over old beats, Miller is looking to get legendary producers to donate him original beats to rock over. In order to do that, Miller figures that Jazzy Jeff will certainly assist in landing those producers.

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Mac Miller – Dog Pound f. Fozzie Bear

Mac himself let loose this DJ Dahi-produced cut with him and everybody’s favorite ratchet Muppet.

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Who Will Be Complex’ 2013 Man Of The Year?

Complex has just announced their first annual “Man Of The Year” Awards, which will cover every aspect of urban and suburban culture. First up will be the music category, which features Childish Gambino, Danny Brown, Mac Miller, Big Sean and Action Bronson as the nominees. You can head over to Complex now to cast your vote.

Sir Michael Rocks – Great f. Casey Veggies & Mac Miller (Video) [Uncensored]

Due to MTV’s guidelines, Sir Michael Rocks was forced to cut a few segments of his latest visual for their premiere. Now, a couple days later, The Cool Kid releases the full/uncensored version of the latest video from Lap Of Lux.

Sir Michael Rocks – Great f. Mac Miller & Casey Veggies (Video)

The latest video from Sir Michael Rocks’ Lap Of Lux, which is out now.

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Mac Miller – He Who Ate All The Caviar (Video)

Shot by Rex Arrow.

With his producing alter ego Larry Fisherman handling the soundscape, Mac Miller has some pleasant with his latest song/video. A little something that won’t be featured on his Pink Slime EP w/ Pharrell or his Sophomore album Watching Movies With The Sound Off; both of which are coming soon.

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Mac Miller’s Announces Sophomore Album Title

Taking to his Twitter, Mac Miller reveals the title of his Sophomore album.

… and according to Mac it’s slated to drop early next year, after his collaborative effort with Pharrell Pink Slime.

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Mac Miller & Casey Veggies Perform “America” In Los Angeles (Video)

With The Macadelic Tour hitting the Nokia Theatre, Mac and Casey kick off the show with their collaborative track. Props to HHH.

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Larry Fisherman – No Photos (Posse Cut pt. 1)

Featuring (in order of appearance) Bill The Kid, Franchise, Willy Whip$, Vinny Radio, Peanut, G-Reg, Big Homie, Q, Larry F., Treejay & The Cigarillos, Goldie Glocks, Clockwork and babyscumbag, Mac Miller’s alternative moniker is behind the boards for this track with his Most Dope crew.

Mac Miller Meets Juan Epstein

So a white rapper, a Jewish wrestling fan and a Puerto Rican deejay walk into a radio station together…

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Mac Miller – Angeles (Elliott Smith Cover)

Mac is back in cover mode as he gives his personal twist to Elliott Smith’s original. Also, up top I’ve included some behind-the-scenes footage of Mac and company on The Macadelic Tour.

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Pac Div – Black Acura f. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino (prod. Thelonius Martin)

The Los Angeles trio enlist Mac Miller and Ms. Sorvino for the latest single off their upcoming album, GMB.

DOWNLOAD: Pac Div – Black Acura f. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino (prod. Thelonius Martin)

Cover: Mac Miller & Pharrell Williams – Pink Slime EP


Pharrell releases the artwork for his upcoming collabo with Mac Miller called Pink Slime. The EP is due out soon.

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Cover: Mac Miller & Pharrell Williams – Pink Slime EP

Mac Miller & Pharrell – Pink Slime (Artwork)

Taking to his Facebook page, Skateboard P unveils the cover art to his and Mac Miller’s upcoming collaborative project.

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Mac Miller & Pharrell – Glow Lyrics


Mac Miller & Pharrell – Glow. Lyrics included below.

“Asking me about money, wonder what’s my net worth, People try to come sue me, but I call up J.G. Wentworth”

Mac Miller releases his latest track with Pharrell off their collaborative Pink Slime EP.

Read the full Mac Miller “Glow” Lyrics after the jump.

Mac Miller – Glow Lyrics

You see that glow that high gloss,
That high gloss, that high gloss
You see that glow that high gloss,
That high gloss that high gloss

[Mac Miller – Verse 1]
I fuck around with them playmates
Twenty thousand my day rate
Eating seven course meals now
People say that I gain weight
All you rappers you ain’t safe
More money same face
Been the shit still the shit
Just double up, exchange rate
Guess I’m just grown up now
sit the fuck down
Had this beat to peak said I need the beat
to show this clowns I don’t fuck around
Asking me about money, wonder what’s my net worth
People try to come sue me, but I call up J.G. Wentworth
Yeah I glow, they don’t
I suppose let em go
Spend 10 racks on my coat
Fuck a whip just bought me a boat
My flow is gross
Be bread, get it I was toast
Without one, you recent?
You aint’ close, get it, no

Oh you ain’t now (oh you ain’t now)
Since I was born (since I was born)
My mind was gone (my mind was gone)
Know I was poor
Don’t mind any bitch I just go (I just go)
And my wrist was cold (wrist was cold)
My world was snow (my world was snow)
What I need light fo’
Girl I’m white as a bitch, I just glow
I’m so special (I’m so special)
I’m so special (I’m so special)
I’m so special, girl I’m white as a bitch I just glow
I’m so special (I’m so special)
I’m so special (I’m so special)
I’m so special (I’m so special)
Girl I’m white as a bitch I just glow

[Mac Miller – Verse 2]
I rap a lot, rap a lot, don’t be afraid it’s just after shock
Yeah jam like when Shaq grab the rock
I’m going in like a Magic shot
Don’t rap sweet like apricots
Shut the fuck up you don’t have to talk
I’ma lay back with my ass on top
Got the game on match a lot muthafucker
You don’t see cash a lot, bitch stop acting like you offensive you not
I put my dick in her ass twice and she look back like thats the spot
I’m counting money, play around with money
Y’all ain’t shit without ya money
Life aint all about the money
Well it kinda is if you out of money
Mac Millions that’s the name
Most dough that’s the game
Drunk bitch so glad you came
Saw her taking off her clothes tryin have the train
Hoes love us, tryna fuck us with no rubbers
Fuck that, we fuck each other, on tour we make her fuck the runner
Muthafucker just shit you need
You ain’t fuck around my team
Cause you living all of your dreams
Here to kill yourself esteem
And my flow as pyro
Smoke a blunt til my eyes clothes
Middle finger up high though
End this song on a high note


I’m just eating that pink slime
Bitch that pink slime

Drop any corrections below and let me know what you think of the Mac Miller Glow Lyrics?

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Mac Miller & Pharrell – Glow Lyrics