T-Pain Has An Issue w/ Future’s “Struggle Falsetto”

After throwing a few jabs on Instagram (a picture that’s since been deleted of course, that featured the following caption: “Funny thing about that Bugatti you woke up in, its mine. Oh, the irony. Haha comical how ‘the new T-Pain’ has to use ‘the old T-Pain’s’ Bugatti for his Bugatti hook.”), T-Pain continues to discuss his issues with Struggle Falsetto’s poor use of auto-tune struggle falsetto. Speaking with Hartford’s Hot 93.7, Pain had the following to say…

I don’t think Future gets the technology very well. I don’t think he understands how it actually works. He’s writing tremendous songs. He’s a tremendous writer. Keep in mind, you can use Auto-Tune and you can know how to work perfectly, but you still have to know how to write a good song. Just because he sound good doesn’t mean he’s saying good stuff. As far as how he uses Auto-Tune, I don’t think he knows how it works. I think he’s thinking that you just turn it on, and then it just happens. But nah, he writes great, tremendous hooks and tremendous songs themselves. I just don’t think he actually knows how to use Auto-Tune yet.

A lot of people don’t sing with it, a lot of people just sing and then put it on after, which is a terrible mistake. There’s a lot of stuff you’ve gotta know about Auto-Tune before you can start using it, because it’s the hot thing to do. But Future’s still tremendous right now, he’s doing his thing. [via]

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