Simon Curtis: ‘Superhero’ – Out Now!

Earlier this week, internet sensation Simon Curtis released his new single “Superhero” on iTunes. The track is the first to be lifted off his upcoming sophomore album “R∆” due out this summer. Reunited with his “8Bit Heart” producer, Jeff Wells, together they’ve crafted an infectious self-empowerment pop anthem with one hell of an addictive sing along chorus. “The song is a celebration of will power, an anthem for anyone who has ever fought to achieve his dreams,” Simon expressed. “It’s a rallying cry for all who are trying to shape his or her own destiny.”

When asked on what we can expect from the new album, Simon said “The majority of my new album sounds like evil *Nsync, & “Superhero” unquestionably falls into that category, despite being the lightest, happiest tune on the record. I love Swedish pop, I wanted to make something that sounded like the late 90’s, early 00’s songs I used to love so much. Like it is already in an arena.”

BUY Simon Curtis “Superhero” on iTunes NOW!

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