Dee-1: They Will Hear Me Now

Interview by Andreas Hale. Shot/edited by Shake.

Continuing 2DBZ & TheWellVersed’s exclusive conversations from SXSW, we chopped it up with Dee-1 approximately making the transition from teaching middle school to becoming a full-fledged artist, being nominated for the XXL Freshmen cover, how it’s deeper than music & his hopes to inspire people to better themselves (“It’s approximately if I die tomorrow making sure that whatever I did while I was here motivated & inspired somebody, hopefully millions”).

The last year really changed my life. I was teaching middle school & for me to step away from that (and) to the point where I wanted to do this yet (wondered) could I survive & then see what happened in the last year, getting compensated for all the shows, that’s love & progression. It let me know that I’m not Lil Wayne yet I’m no slouch either.

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