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In order to assist and promote New Artists and their managers, we have implemented an Advertising Model based on cheap flat rate packages, some less then a burger and a coke or a movie in the hood! This super low flat rate will allow you the New Artist and/or your manager to promote you and expose your music to label companies, promoters and agents.

Why We are the fastest growing Number #1 International Hip Hop site for New Artists and we offers engaging content daily to upwards of 750,000 users, largely comprised of the coveted 18-26 demographic from around the world.

Promotional Packages for new and upcoming artists and their managers for a limited time – So Order Now for the Cheapest Rate in the industry: 

1. Paid/Guaranteed Video Submission: $79.99 Promo $14.99 per video – ORDER NOW


2. Paid/Guaranteed Mixtape Submission: $69.99 Promo $14.99 per Mixtape – ORDER NOW


3. Right Sidebar New Artist Video of the Month: $49.99 Promo $17.99 per month – ORDER NOW


4. Right Sidebar New Artist Mixtape/Album of the Month: $39.99 Promo $17.99 per month – ORDER NOW


 5. Top Homepage Featured Video Player: $249.99 Promo $99.99 per month – ORDER NOW

Includes advertisement in homepage of, and


6. Right Sidebar Banner Advertising (292×300, 120×600, 160×600): $199.99 Promo $79.99 per month – ORDER NOW

Includes advertisement in homepage of, and


7. Ten (10) Videos and/or Mixtape submitted within a month: $149.99 Promo $99.99 per month – ORDER NOW

Thank you for your order. To Your Success!

Note: After you make our payment, notify us using the form below or send us an email to NestyJane Wong at info(@)allnewmusicdotnet with the info you want to post. Make sure to include your Paypal Transaction ID#, selected ads package title, video link, Ads banners, etc.

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