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Welcome to Your All New Music Site!!!

All New Music is the #1 platform for the new and upcoming Artist. We bring visitors the latest in mainstream and underground hip hop and R&B in addition to a spotlight on the international hip hop scene. The website is updated daily with the latest news, free downloads, music videos, and more. Users now have the ability to upload their own content, which speeds up the posting of new videos and music from new artist.

All New Music is a music blog founded in March 2011. We started out trying to do the hard work of selecting the best Hip Hop video and music from new and upcoming Artist amongst the many millions of average ones that are out there in the hood. We are unquestionably all about championing new artists, bands and DJs who we want to assist get exposure through All New Music and get noticed by producers and record labels so that they may get their careers onto the next level.

We have our website feeds linked to The Top Music Blogs and all tracks that we post get connected to these tremendous sites to assist artists to promote themselves. We get a lot of artists from all over the world sending their video and music to us and our posts are quite International in taste. We get hundreds of emails daily, so if you do send us your music through, we try to review and listen to every single one but don’t have the opportunity to post every single track we get unfortunately.

If you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, we can automatically let you know when we have new music that should know about plus any other quick news that we don’t feature on our website.

In the meantime, thanks for coming to our website and we hope you come back again very soon.

NestyJane Wong
Managing Director

Advertising Requests:

Advertising with AllNewMusic.net grants access to a broad urban demographic: 15-21 years. We consistently promote ourselves via the web & print media by targeting the precise audience interested in Hip Hop culture. Advertising with us means getting your message out to that exact market. Place your request for marketing, advertising or sponsorship with us for review & we’ll get you on to your pathway for marketing success.

Contact NestyJane Wong at info@allnewmusic.net for assistance with your marketing needs.







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