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JoJo: ‘Jumping Trains’ Coming Soon!

After years of negotiations between labels, JoJo is finally getting ready to release her third studio album, newly titled “Jumping Trains” after this year. Her label, Blackground Records, reached a deal with Interscope Records for distribution & it will finally see the light of day. JoJo will shortly be dropping her new single “The Other Chick” shortly & has already shot the video. Check out Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque’s newly relaunched website. She’s all grown up now, I’m intrigued.

(2)Dope Radio…

… is finally back after a winter hiatus today (April 30th). Per usual, the dopehouse will be in attendance (myself at the station, Shake running the chathouse down bottom), & moreover members of the NMC may be around so expect nothing yet satisfactory music, shit-talking & special guests (maybe). Hell, I may be in the chathouse as well. Tune in today from 4pm-6pm EST (1pm-3pm PST).

LISTEN: (2)Dope Radio (or, head to iTunes’ radio section, click Hip-Hop/Rap & select “PNC Radio”)

Video: Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine

Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine Official Music Video.

Okay Player gives an explanation of this video.

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Raekwon & Miles Jones Live in Toronto (Video)

Directed by Chris Wardle.

Two weeks back Rae & Miles Jones did their thing at the Opera House in Toronto.

Bad Meets Evil Producers Speak On EP (Video)

With Royce & Em’s upcoming Bad Meets Evil project on the horizon, MTV caught up with Havoc, DJ Khalil, Denauan Porter & Bangladesh to speak on their contributions.

PREVIOUS: Eminem & Royce Da 5′9″ – Fast Lane

Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine (Video)

Directed by Jason Goldwatch.

We received a collage inspired visual from Jay himself back in 2009. Now, a couple years after OKP has unleashed a more official one. This is rad & all, yet um… are we ever gonna obtain some new music?

Kanye West & Jay-Z’s New Single to Feature Beyonce & Bruno Mars

Jay-Z, Kanye West & Beyonce spotted in Paris.

With H.A.M.over & done with, it looks like Jay & Ye have enlisted Beyonce & Bruno Mars for their next single off Watch the Throne. With Kanye & Jeff Bhasker handling the production, Lift Off is apparently set to hit iTunes sooner than later. Thoughts?

Jin – Sincerely Your’s Mixtape (Free Download)


Jin reveals the cover of his Sincerely Yours Mixtape.

The former 106 & Park freestyle champ & Ruff Ryder released his latest mixtape titled “Sincerely Yours”.

Jin has been grinding in HK working on movies & music.

Sincerely Yours Download & tracklist after the jump.

Jin – Sincerely Yours Tracklist


DOWNLOAD: Jin – Sincerely Yours via Ayo Jin

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Jin – Sincerely Your’s Mixtape Cover


Jin reveals the cover of his Sincerely Yours Mixtape.

The former 106 & Park freestyle champ & Ruff Ryder will release his project on 4/29/11 for free download on his site

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Ja Rule Responds To Prodigy’s Book On Alleged Robbery

Sway from MTV showed Ja Rule a excerpt from Prodigy’s controversial book where he claimed Ja was set up to be robbed by his satisfactory friend Cadillac Tah.

Ja reacted by saying that he didn’t know anything approximately that. The previously upbeat Ja Rule seemed to alter tone & become reflective on the situation.

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Cory Gunz – Know My Name Lyrics


Cory Gunz – Know My Name. Lyrics included below.

“Now I’m hungry to show em I’m the hottest fucking kid around, Show em how it go I dont kid around”

New track from the Young Money artist released by Vibe after the debut of his reality show Son Of A Gun.

Read the full Cory Gunz “Know My Name” Lyrics after the jump.

Cory Gunz – Know My Name Lyrics

[Verse 1]
What, yeah I’m on nigga run up
I’m runnin’ with the gym blade in my fitted now
Fuck around with me & obtain knitted down
So much green cant remember the last time I shitted brown
Thirsty niggas aint admitting they bitter sound
Now I’m hungry to show em I’m the hottest fucking kid around
Show em how it go I dont kid around
Fuck ya crew & label go obtain a town
And set off & spit around
YMCMB in the bee & pee on ya bean
Why & if I see em tell em I wouldnt wanna be em
Run off gun out, gun off run out
Fuck the what nigga bring the pleasant out
Militia gang rap for the dumb out
Try me for a come up
I bet ya niggas raps never come out
Smooth drinking swigga with a temper like a bliquor
On the itchy finger nigga bought a liquor on the victim goin

Dont you know my name?
Gunz Militia Pop
Show these little niggas I’m not playing games
I’m a pro with the dot I’m a cold nigga pop
Like cash with the flames
Gunz Militia Pop
Show these little niggas I’m not playing games

[Verse 2]
What, bitch nigga you aint saying shit
I received business on the block, Amber, Wayne & Nick
If aint depending on the watch then we made em sick
I knew a witness on the watch who became a vic
Had a wife of a life then became a bitch
Most my niggas lay the bricks so they lay in bricks
Or they laying bricks
I love the south like potato grits
But I bet whatever if you say the knicks
My niggas midwest with a plate of fix
Staged up & off the dimes & they making knicks
Caught a jooks by mistake I aint mean to obtain em
Shit, he was the trick he ain’t need to spend em
See me in any whips bet the nina’s in em
Gimme Christinas lips put the penis in em
My closet looking like I received a cleaners in em
Ya’ll aint poppin tommy’s ya’ll are just alotta gleamers with em

Dont you know my name?
Gunz Militia Pop
Show these little niggas I’m not playing games
I’m a pro with the dot I’m a cold nigga pop
Like cash with the flames
Gunz Militia Pop
Show these little niggas I’m not playing games

Props: Lyrics submitted by Jay M.

Drop any corrections in the comments & let me know what you think of the Cory Gunz Know My Name Lyrics?

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Video: Tyga Ft. Adele – Reminded

Tyga Ft. Adele – Reminded Official Video.

Young Money artist Tyga releases the latest visuals from his Black Thoughts Volume 2 Mixtape.

Read the full Tyga Reminded Lyrics here.

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Mac Lethal – North Korean BBQ (Mixtape)

North Korean BBQ is for old souls. People 30+ (figuratively & literally.)

The title, however, is a reminder for me & all of us, that no matter how complex life can seem. We are all very fortunate people to live where we live. In Kansas City, when we obtain lonely or depressed, we go gorge ourselves on delicious, molasses-based BBQ. In North Korea, they don’t obtain lonely or depressed. They don’t select feelings or thoughts. North Koreans don’t eat BBQ. They eat octopus skin & fried white corn. I was looking through audio clips from old North Korean documentaries to mix in with the music, yet honestly, I felt like I was being lighthearted approximately their situation, which is greatly serious.

I must remind you of something, though: THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL PIECE OF MUSIC. NO!

This is NOT a political statement, yet an examination on the self-entitlement we feel while bathing in our own excess & drama. I’m sorry your boyfriend broke up with you, yet treasure the satisfactory times you did have. Bump this mixtape as a way to assist push those negative, volatile emotions out, BUT…always remember that below the surface, life is truly a beautiful, pleasant work of art for some of us. Unfortunately it takes looking at other people’s situations to realize that sometimes.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Therapy For Gangsters (prod. Kid Called Computer)
02 War Drum (prod. Seven)
03 Citrus (prod. Seven)
04 Raise the Dead (prod. Seven)
05 I’m Odd (prod. Mac Lethal)
06 Something I Can <3 (prod. The Inkredibles)
07 My Favorite Song (prod. Seven)
08 Little Mac (prod. Whodini)
09 Dying Young (prod. DJ Khalil)
10 Feel it in the Air
11 Shannon (prod. Seven)
12 Suitcases (prod. Seven)
13 inohowutheenk (prod. Seven)

DOWNLOAD: Mac Lethal – North Korean BBQ (Mixtape) | Mediafire

Maino – Biggie Is Back

First Meek Mill & Rick Ross called upon Pac, now this? I don’t know…

DOWNLOAD: Maino – Biggie Is Back | Mediafire

Meek Mill – Moment For Life Freestyle (Video)

Directed by Dave Patten.

Kendrick Lamar – HiiiPoWeR (Video Preview)

Kendrick Lamar previews some visuals to his track “HiiiPower”.

The video depicts Kendrick pouring liquid on & around him before setting a match on fire. Stay tuned for the full video.

In the meantime check out the Kendrick Lamar HiiiPower Lyrics here!

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Video: J. Cole – All I Want Is You Live

J. Cole performs his verse from Miguel’s “All I Want Is You” at DJ Prostyle’s birthday.

Spotted: 2DopeBoyz

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Diamond District – In The Ruff (Instrumentals)

Last week Mello Music Group blessed us with a free download of Oddisee’s Mental Liberation. Now, they are offering up the instrumentals to Oddisee, yU & X.O.’s 2009 release. Dope!

DOWNLOAD: Diamond District – In The Ruff (Instrumentals)

Cory Gunz – Know My Name

If you caught the premier episode of Son Of a Gun, you would’ve seen Cory working on this record right here.

DOWNLOAD: Cory Gunz – Know My Name | Mediafire

Jam Of The Day: Calvin Harris – Bounce (w/ Kelis)

This song has literally just premiered & I’m already loving it. Scottish singer-songwriter, record producer & DJ, Calvin Harris has just premiered his brand-new single “Bounce,” featuring Kelis. The track will serve as the official first single from his upcoming album due out after this summer. It’s just a radio rip of the song yet I can already tell it’s going to be a complete smash. A video for the single has already been shot & will premiere next month. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

DL: Calvin Harris – Bounce (Featuring Kelis) [Radio Rip]
DL Link 2: HERE