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Nelly Furtado/Night is Young (Video)

Nelly Furtado & her first single from Greatest Hits-collection, “Night Is Young”. The video wasn’t filled with budget & the song isn’t filled with potential yet everything looks & sounds nice & something her fans will like. “Night is Young” takes a direction closer to the dance-sound that has been popular mainstream sound for some time now, yet it doesn’t capture the best edge of hers. Despite the project feeling kind of medicore, Nelly Furtado is tremendous & hopefully this song gains popularity somewhere.


Heidi Montag/I’ll Do it (Next single!)

Better late than never, I guess. Heidi Montag is releasing “I’ll Do it” as the next single from her album with music-video. Heidi is taking some tips from The Hustler Strip club for the video, scheduled to be shot next week. “I’ll Do it” was produced by Steve Morales & it represents the finest edge of her first album “Superficial”. What surprises me, is that she is still pushing out singles yet if it’s this song, then I don’t mind.


Katy Perry/Firework (Video)

Katy Perry & her video for “Firework”. The song has grown on me huge time since it was confirmed to be released as a single. Especially the middle part of the song is fantastic, it’s just too short. The video holds a symbolic meaning & it has attractive scenes, Katy looks just gorgeous & the video looks quite expensive really. Sometimes the firework effects don’t exactly look the sharpest they could’ve been yet the video works. It’s not her best video & overall it’s very different from her previous videos yet I like it. Her shock-colour highlighted hair looks great, she is really working a new style this era.


Nicole Scherzinger/Poison (Video)

Nicole Scherzinger is back with new video for “Poison”. This time around, the label seems to have reinforced their faith on her with some budget. The video was directed by one & only, Joseph Kahn. I think the video WAS somehow dissapointing with the lack of different scenes & the basic idea being kind of tedious yet it wasn’t offensive video. She’ll gain fans with this effort & hopefully this will be her biggest hit so far, since this one is miles away from the material she had previously. Good job!


Robyn/Indestructable (Video)

Robyn & her video for “Indestructable”. The video is quite absorbing & to be honest, it left me speechless. So I don’t know exactly what to say. I’m dissapointed & kind of shocked.


Darin/Lovekiller (Video)

Darin & his suprising new video “Lovekiller”. He took forever to release this video yet now that it’s here, we know what took so long. It must be his biggest video project yet & it’s very visual & different from his previous videos. It’s one bloody fest & could raise some eyebrows here & there. “Lovekiller” is a huge song yet somehow it never grew up on me like his previous hits did. It’s very different & new yet the new direction will either work well or not. We’ll see.



Official cover art & tracklist for Girlicious “Rebuilt” has been confirmed. Their manager moreover confirmed a deluxe edition being released too. The album is up for worldwide pre-order on their official store. “Rebuilt” is being released on November 22nd. Some of the fans were shocked since “Tell Me Lies” isn’t included on the final tracklist, yet it was reported that the song featured a sample from other song & they were forced to take it out for now. Also, previously leaked song “Television” & digital single “Drank” won’t be included either.

1. Face The Light
2. Maniac
3. Grinding
4. 2 in the Morning
5. Unlearn Me,
6. Wake Up,
7. Sorry Mama,
8. What My Mama Don’t Know,
9. Over You,
10. Hate Love


Kylie/Better than Today (Cover)

Official single cover for Kylie’s “Better than Today”. The single is out in UK on December 12th & two days earlier in rest of the Europe. To me, it’s weird choice for single.


VipMedia’s Recommendation/Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole’s new album is being released shortly & since it leaked, we decided to write a small review based on the few listens. Throughout the album has quite different feeling to what “3 Words” had, yet it’s not neccessarily bad. I actually like this album more. I feel like this one is stronger album yet moreover in a way it’s a risk. They were going for older sound with some new twist & from what I’ve seen, it has recieved mixed reviews. We picked some of our favourites yet of course left some out, since we only wanted to highlight some of it. Enjoy & tell us what do you think!

Yeah Yeah
The song starts out bit tedious yet by the chorus, you are almost hooked. Verses might leave you cold, yet the chorus really does the trick. I could see this being a safe-single at some point.

The Flood
At start it sounds like a medicore mid-tempo song that they go to christmas markets with, yet the song is actually one of the catchiest ones from the album. The chorus sounds astonishing & I’d kinda wanna hear her belting those high notes, followed by middle 8 with her raspy vocals.

This is a song I could imagine people considering dated & medicore yet I love the song, the eastern vibe of it & the catchy melody of it. And how they didn’t even try to capture THIS moment yet to make something in between. My first favourite from the album.

Very cute track overall with tremendous instrumentals & rad vocals. It’s absorbing to see what edge she has found from her music & how different she sounds in a way. Chorus is very catchy & melody carries the song well.

Let’s Get Down
It’s comical to read reviews from elsewhere & how many consider this to be the strongest track on the album. It’s catchy yet in comparison to the rest it’s rather pointless yet it is true that it has strong dance base. It kind of feels like it’s not offensive at all yet needed extra mile to make it a hit.

Happy Tears
This album is whole lotta tears yet it’s all good. This is the goodbye-track & lyrics are as bittersweet as you could imagine yet it’s very polished & attractive track. After just seeing the hour-long interview of Cheryl talking approximately the complex times with tears in her eyes, this all just makes even more sence. Fantastic song.

This is the track that samples Vanessa Carlton’s “Thousand Miles” & does it pretty well without revolving too much around the sample. The song is one of the highlights of the album & it features astonishing vocals by Cheryl & tremendous melodies that make the song. One of the tracks I play alot already.


Rihanna/Promo for "LOUD"

Anticipation is building! I’m excited for another Rihanna-album!

Are you?

Cheryl Cole/Promise this (Live)

Fine performance from Cheryl Cole. She performed her new single “Promise This” on X-Factor. Too offensive the performance was clearly pre-recorded vocally & heavily autotuned. But she worked her nice new haircut, dark red hair with extensions & darker image. Cool performance & new style yet sadly the vocals are now even more fake than they were before. And why did they select this as the first single? This still isn’t all that satisfactory nor the best one from the album.